getting to know THE PAPSAC

We’ve included some cool features with the Papsac to ensure maximum comfort and convenience for you.  Check it out.



The Papsac comes in its very own branded backpack for easy storage and portability.

We know you’re going to want to take your Papsac everywhere with you, so we’ve made the outer layer of high quality water-resistant nylon rip-stop. Getting it damp at the beach or on wet grass? No Problem!

The black safety clasp keeps the Papsac closed nice and tight to allow for full weight-bearing capacity.

There’s a loop on the bottom of the Papsac. This is for you to attach to a tent peg; etc. to keep the Papsac secure when you’re not on it.

One more thing before you #justaddair and relax:  don’t forget the elasticated pocket on the side of the Papsac for your valuables and a drink or two.

Aah! Now you’re ready to enjoy the Papsac!